homesteadEdward Lawlor left New York and traveled West in about 1884 seeking land to establish his American Dream. After 10 years of searching for the right place he pioneered raw land in the Bear Paw Mountains of North Central Mountain.

In 1894 he claimed his first right water in a hidden valley filled with pure mountain springs that fed a pristine stream on the valley floor as it meandered along through lush Montana native grasslands where the Bison once roamed.  He established the KM brand for his livestock.  Edward was an organic farmer and rancher by necessity that lived 90 years on this earth from 1862 to 1952 due to plenty of daily exercise, clean nutrient rich fruits and vegetables and KM grassfed beef.  After Edward the ranch pasted to John and Lucy Lawlor and then to their son Dennis.  Many years of colorful family and western history have occurred since 1894 on this land and we are working on writing the oral history down on paper for all to enjoy and sometimes wonder if it really happened.  It did!

homecomingFor well over a century, the agricultural pursuits of the family have thrived in this naturally blessed place and still do today under the care and direction of Edward’s great grandsons, Mark and John.  122 years has gone into developing superior beef cattle that you can enjoy today as delicious KM Farms Montana Grassfed Beef from our farm and ranch to your family table.  Eat Real. Eat CleanBeef!