Where can I buy KM Farms Montana Grassfed Beef?
Directly from us as we are Farm to Table producers! Place your order online or call us today.

Is there a minimum order? Yes. 1 box of Top Quality Ground Beef.
We offer a box of high quality ground beef that has 25 individual 1 lbs. packages inside the box that is 16″x 10″x 8″ and fits on the shelf of an upright freezer, or about anywhere!

How will my order be delivered?
If you live in the Flathead Valley of Montana you may pick it up at our Kalispell location during business hours or we will bring it right to your door.  If you live in the Missoula area we will deliver it to you. In the future, out of area orders will likely be shipped by FedEx or UPS.

How will my beef be packaged?
All beef processing and packaged in strict compliance with the standards of the State of Montana and is frozen solid at -15 to -20 below zero for storage.  Once you have your box, all you do is pull out 1 lbs package in the morning for a delicious and easy dinner at the end of your day.

When will my order be ready or shipped?
We will contact you to schedule your pick-up or delivery for all local Flathead Valley and Missoula area orders. We will contact you for out of area orders to select the best time and method of deliver to you as we do make limited deliveries out of area. Our supply is limited and orders are filled on a first come first ordered basis with priority given to returning customers. When we sell out, we place you on our reservation list for the next shipment to reserve your order.

How much does shipping cost? – Flathead Valley and Missoula areas are free!
We offer free delivery in and around Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Whitefish and the Missoula area. Contact us to arrange out of Flathead Valley/Missoula delivery.

Are special cooking techniques required for grassfed beef?
Grassfed beef is typically leaner and cooks more quickly than grain-finished beef.  You don’t need any special equipment or training, just take care not to overcook it.

Do you practice sustainable ranch and farming methods?
Yes. For over 122 years, this family operation has practiced sustainable methods before they were called sustainable!  We were sustainable before sustainable was cool.  See “Our Philosophy” for more details.

Where is you farm and ranch located?
In the Bears Paw Mountains (“Bear Paw” to locals) of north central Montana about 20 miles south of Havre, Montana in a hidden valley.

Do you give your cattle antibiotics?
We never use sub-therapeutic antibiotics.  We do, on rare occasions, use antibiotics to treat sick animals.

Do you give your cattle growth hormones?  Never.  If you want hormones, buy low quality and low priced meat at large chain super markets.

Where is KM Farms Montana Grass Fed Beef processed?
All of our beef is processed by Lower Valley Meat in Kalispell, Montana and Vandevanter Meats in Columbia Falls, Montana and both facilities are clean State of Montana inspected plants with long histories in the business.  At KM, we committed to an environmentally and economically sustainable closed loop Montana business!

Are your animals treated humanely?
Of course.  Everyone on our farm and ranch is required to practice low stress livestock handling. We follow the recommendations of Dr. Temple Grandin, Profession of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University.

Is your beef certified organic?
No, we are not certified organic, but KM has been managed for over 122 years in a way that is in line with organic standards.  We are investigating certified organic regulations and may move in that direction in the future.

Who do you use for business consulting and legal services?  See WagnerLawFirm.Net.  Specializing in Agriculture Business and Law in the State of Montana.